Thursday, January 20, 2011

Real Housewives of Rexburg.

I'll admit it, when you come over at 11 tonight i'll be on my couch watching The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills.  I love it.  I know it's ridiculous, and trashy... but I love it.
Lately, i've been feeling like i'm on that show.  I'm having strong "hate" feelings twords some other girls, i barely see my husband, and i've been eating out a lot... (taco bell counts, right?)  Although i'm not strong enough to go smack a girl in her face, or call her employer and scream that she's a liar.. (have you people seen those episodes, INSANE!) i still dream I could.

But today I layed in bed and thought about how my life is SO not like the Real Housewives... for instance,

I got to marry this stud in the temple.  Shane is seriously the best decision of my life.  I'm literally the luckiest gal in the land.  We celebrated our 5 month anniversary of marriage the other day.  I love looking back on the times when we just started dating and how much we've grown together.  We stick together no matter what.  Ever when huge rumors are thrown left and right, i just think they're just jealous. I love Shane.

I have the best family ever.  These housewives have a nanny for each kid... crazy.  My mom is so perfect and  such a good example to me.  AND I have the best sister in laws ever... they are seriously the greatest.  And just take a look at our dads, studly right?!

I have the best friends ever.  This little lady is on her Mission in Uruguay right now and i miss her so stinkin bad. But i get letters every week... so it kind of makes up for it.

The Woodhouses are my favorite couple ever.  I'm so grateful to have honest, down to earth friends in my life.  Shane and I love Bryce and Nads.  

Megan (on the right) just got home from her mission... AND i got to hang out with her and Ro the other night.  I had a blast, i've really missed both of them.

and when all else fails, I get to see this little ray of sunshine every week.

So maybe this was a wo is me post, but sometimes things get super crazy.  But lucky for me everything is actually pretty perfect, so someone de-friending me on facebook, or someone being just plain high-school mean girl, doesn't even phase me.  I'm in love. I've got friends, and i've got the bombest family ever. 


  1. girl you have no idea how happy this made me after today. you are the best and you're right, it's jealousy. so glad shanner found you

  2. ok, can you, me, and nad please start hanging out?! I really only have a husband 2 days a week and I need some girl time!

  3. I'm totally obsessed with the show too! If I remember right, this housewife thing started when we were roommates, remember? You are very blessed indeed, don't worry about this girl, I'm sure it is dumb jealousy, and sooo immature! Hope you and Shane and doing well.