Friday, May 23, 2014

37.5 Weeks!

Where has the time gone?!?  I've been really bad at keeping up with my tummy photos.  It's mostly my fault since I feel like a whale.... but here we are!

How far along: 37 weeks

Size of baby:  watermelon

Total weight gain/loss:  + 27 pounds!

Maternity clothes:  DUHHHHH!  But even maternity clothes are getting too small.  Maternity dresses are way too short in front... grrr.

Stretch marks: Yes, and doubling daily.

Sleep:  Sleep has been awesome.  I just am getting up at least 3 times a night to use the bathroom, which is quite annoying.

Best moment(s) last week:  Finding out that I was 1 1/2 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced.  I know this is normal but it was reassuring to me that my body knows what to do.

Movement:  YES!  ALL the time.  He is head down so Shane and I have an idea what is moving, we can tell the difference between a hand and a foot.

Food cravings:  Sushi, fruit, sweets, ranch

Gender:  BOY!

Belly button - in or out:  Out... farther than out... its so odd looking

What I miss:  Not having a belly.  I am running into things, I can't squeeze into small spaces and I am constantly spilling on my belly ledge.

What I am looking forward to:  Due Date!!!

Milestones:  I'm officially full term.  So whenever this guy wants to make his appearance, we will LOVE it!

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  1. So SO SO happy for you!!! And, yes, isn't it annoying how all dresses become too short when your belly gets that big? Oy. Who wants to wear leggings under dresses all summer? Not me. Ha.