Monday, March 19, 2012

day camp.

Last weekend we decided to go day camping.  It was supposed to be warm, and we had a bunch of hot dogs... so why not?  Well, it was great for the first little while and then it turned into hell camp (thanks Amanda for the name change).  A flat tire, lots of walking, muddy shoes, a little sweat and a few curse words later we finally made it home.

The day started out great, we made a few wrong turns but it was fun exploring...

When we finally reached our destination the boys set out to get us women some fire wood.  Of course they needed to paddle across the freezing water to get the wood... not surprised.

We also saw lots of behinds. 

After going through this experience I've learned how awesome my friends are.  Day camp was really hard, and we all could have gotten really mad at each other but we didn't.  There were times when I'm sure I complained a little too much but everyone kept their cool, and that makes me pretty lucky.  Although I didn't get the tan I wanted, or the relaxation I needed, my friends are still talking to me and Shane still loves me; I can live with that. 


  1. love the new layout, and post, and hell camp, and you!

  2. That looks like so much fun :). I love exploring and spending time in the nature - it always feels so good. Lovely captures!
    Oh and thanks for commenting on my post, it really means a lot :).


  3. I love your sunglasses! Looks like such a fun weekend!!