Tuesday, April 09, 2013

let the injections begin!

Today I had my very first injection.  I was so nervous- but it went great!  It stung a little bit and it made me a little sleepy... but if that's the only price I have to pay to have a baby- bring.it.on.
Shane gave me my shot and I was glad he was so willing to do so.  (I psych myself out).  

I have/get to take injections again on Thursday and Saturday, keep those fertile, happy vibes coming my way!  Can i just say how grateful I am for modern day medication.  It took my grandma 7 years to have her first baby- she just thought she would never have kids, and they had no way to tell her what was wrong.  Even though my thyroid is whacked and I have PCOS and I don't ovulate and my period is the worst- at least I know the problem so I can figure it out!
My sweet little sister was able to spend a few days at my house before she leaves for her mission!  I can't believe both of my sisters will be on missions- CRAZY!  Rissa leaves in a week to go to the Guatemala MTC and then onto Honduras to spread the glorious gospel of Christ.  What a gal!

Let's talk about how cute my puppy is.  She makes infertility just a little bit better.


  1. Today I hung out with a woman who went through injections and she now has healthy triplet babies! It's amazing how modern medicine has helped so many people. Praying hard for you and Shane! :)

  2. Yay for shots, sisters and puppies!! Love you guys!