Monday, April 15, 2013

infertile myrtle updates

So this morning at 9am I went to the hospital to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound follicle study.  It sounds a lot scarier than it is.  All we wanted to do was see if anything is happening in there while i'm taking these injections!  I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect.  I wanted something to happen but then at the same time I didn't' want something to happen.  If I overstimulated then my injection days were over and then my only option would be in vitro- which is super expensive so we'd have to wait a little while.  And if nothing happened then I could always up my dose.  BUT I just wanted it to work this time!

So I went in and anxiously awaited the phone call from my doctor.  They had to take the ultrasound images and look at it to assess what they saw.  I got a call that there was a happy, active follicle!  I was so happy!  I've never ovulated so actually having someone tell me that there is a follicle that could be a potential baby made me so happy!  My doc wants to see a few more follicles so... that means more injections tonight and on Wednesday.  I have to remember, just because i have a follicle doesn't mean that it for sure will turn into a fetus, but we're a lot farther than we were before!

On Thursday i'll go in for another follicle study and then we'll see what will happen!

In other news, we went to Rexburg this weekend to see our good friend graduate!  Shane got a haircut and Poppy made a friend- Bauer Woodhouse!

 My nieces are the cutest... and this is what our babies are going to look like....  ?!W#$^%^


  1. Yay Kc! Thanks for the update, I'll cross my fingers you continue to get more follicles!! So happy for you! Your puppy is a doll, and I'm sure you baby will be gorgeous ha ha :)

  2. ummmm your "baby" is hideous. I'm quite certain you and Shane will make deliciously gorgeous babies in real life! So SO so excited for you!!!