Monday, May 13, 2013

how to make a baby 101.

*not pictured, about five different kinds of vitamins as well as dexamethazone, ajestin, letrozole and levothyroxin.

Let's start with the basics, shall we?  
I'm keeping this blog so when I have a baby and he's 16 and being a punk I can show him how hard I worked to get him into this world.... that will work, right?

So I start my injections again on Thursday, but this time it's DOUBLE the fun!!!  So just imagine this picture x's2.  I have to do my shots around 6pm every other day.  So, poor Shane get's home from working all day and has to shoot up his wife!  Maybe this time it will work!!!  Maybe this will be my last period!  

My friend Shelly sent me this quote by Sister Holland:
"I have only three children and have wept that I could not have more. And I know that some of you without any have wept, too. And sometimes too many have simply been angry over the very subject itself. For the sake of our eternal motherhood, I plead that this not be so. Some women give birth and raise children but never “mother” them. Others, whom I love with all my heart, “mother” all their lives but have never given birth. And all of us are Eve’s daughters, whether we are married or single, maternal or barren. We are created in the image of the Gods to become gods and goddesses. And we can provide something of that divine pattern, that maternal prototype, for each other and for those who come after us. Whatever our circumstance, we can reach out, touch, hold, lift, and nurture—but we cannot do it in isolation. We need a community of sisters stilling the soul and binding the wounds of fragmentation."

I love this quote so much!  Heavenly Father gave me pretty fertile sister-in-laws who are giving me the BEST nieces and nephews!  I love being an aunt, so in a way, I'm already having the opportunity to be a mother figure for them.
Someday, some how i'll be a mom.  It's just not going to be as natural as others.


  1. so easy....right? I hate getting shots and everyday? awful. good luck. we hope this works.

  2. Anonymous5/13/2013

    Praying this round takes. When that baby comes he will be so loved. You and Shane are going to be wonderful parents.