Friday, June 07, 2013


oh my mercy, I'm so sick of waiting and being patient.  When I was taking my shots the days would move by so fast.  I would have three doctors appointment in a week- so I always had something to look forward to. I got my trans-vag ultrasound and lo and behold!!!!!!!  I HAD 2 FOLLICLES!   These follicles were beautiful.  There is something amazing while I'm looking at the ultra sound screen at what could potentially turn into a fetus and then into my child that I will hold in my arms.  But these follicles people- they were massive and they were just waiting to be ready to give me a baby!

With all those massive follicles we did our trigger shot, it's a pretty little glass vial that makes my eggs drop.  It gave me a welt this time, but it went down don't worry!  Whoever said having a baby was glamorous was surely mistaken!  (sorry this pic is nasty)

After this glorious day the doctor called and together we scheduled the days that Shaner and I got to have intercourse.  I use the word "got" because when you say you HHHAVVVEE to it isn't as romantic- (but let's be honest, it's not very romantic anyways since we have to plan it...).

A few days after this I went and got my blood work done to see if I ovulated.  Because that's the problem you see- i've never ovulated a day in my life... my LIFE!  And then, at 12:54pm my doctor calls and she sounds happy which makes me super giddy because I know it's good news.  I OVULATED!  Could it be true?  Could this actually work?  The doc said she wanted my progesterone level to be anywhere above a 2.5 and I was at a 29...a 29!!!!!!  I knew I had ovulated because I could feel it.  I was cramping and they weren't menstrual cramps (believe me- I know all about those types of cramps.. stupid PCOS).  But hearing that glorious number 29 and then picturing my two massive follicles- I was/am in heaven.

This is how my doctor ended the phone call: "Well my dear, either call me with a positive pregnancy test or call me when you get your period."

A pregnancy test??  I haven't taken one in ages.  I took a lot of pregnancy tests when Shane and I were first trying but it was because my period has a mind of it's own and I would realize that aunt flo hadn't been in for a visit in about three months... but alas, they were all negative!  But this time, I could actually take a test and it could potentially be positive!

She told me to wait a little while to test, but waiting is the worst part.  My problem?- sometimes my period won't come for 4 months!  So she gave me a specific day to test and it's still not for a little while... so I bought some cheapies and did a few tests early....
Haven't you ever heard those stories when women say they got a positive test three days after conception?! Why couldn't that be me?!  This is actually my own fault. My doctor told me not to take a test until a certain date and then a few days after that.  

Through all of this Shane is mr. calm, which is why we are the perfect balance.  He's the most patient person I've ever met and he just tells me to wait.  So now, i'll just wait.  Luckily, I know this will work someday soon.  So yes, I will be a little bummed if I'm not pregnant this time but we have found the right recipe to get my body a baby- that's something to celebrate!


  1. I know what you mean! I finally got to take my clomid and it definitely made me go out of both ovaries. I've got one more week before I get to find out, but lucky me, it gets to be at girls camp!! Good luck!! I hope you get a bunch of positive tests to make up for all those yucky negatives!!!

  2. Yay! Happy waiting... fingers crossed!

  3. KC!!!! This is awesomely amazing news! Yay!