Tuesday, August 06, 2013

baby blessing.

All my sister-in-laws on both sides are quite fertile.  They all make freaking cute babies and I seriously have the best nieces and nephews ever.  Shane and I went up to Bozeman for my most recent nephews blessing- Cash Carter.  He is seriously the best.  He grunts and makes little faces while he sleeps.  He has muscles and old man hair.  He is a little chunk and I love him.

I was hopeful my feelings would be happy when I got to hold little Cash.  I had just gotten over my miscarriage (like literally a few days before we left I stopped bleeding) and I have been feeling a little empty.

When I held and looked at Cash I had a feeling of love and peace.  Babies mesmerize me.  I feel so close to my Savior and the peace that he brings.
I can't wait to have one for my own!


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