Saturday, June 29, 2013

when it goes ectopic....kind of

a little update....
So I have been going in regularly to get my blood drawn to check my HcG levels.  At my ER visit last Friday I was already down to a 115- so I thought I was on the road to being officially not pregnant.  On Thursday I went in and got another blood draw.  My poor arms are bruised from all this blood work.  I got my results back at about 5:30 pm and my HcG number was going up.  It was now at a 272- not good.  My doctor said that the pregnancy was somewhere, just not in the right spot.  She explained that there is no way there is  a healthy baby in my tummy, but that I'd have to get a shot of methotrexate.  So, even though they're not exactly sure where this pregnancy is- they're still classifying it "ectopic".  What a horrible sounding word!
I text my mom a picture of my arm every time I get blood work done- she always replies and tells me how tough I am!

I was a little bummed about this because of course I had googled this earlier and heard horror stories about this shot.  It's actually used for cancer patients because the shot attacks fast growing cells.  A pregnancy is a fast growing cell- so it does it's job goooood!  My doctor said since my number is still low I'd probably only need one shot- thank heavens!  This would make me have about zero side effects (aka- no hair loss!) so I was feeling okay about the shots.

I had to have the shots in my bum cheeks- cute huh?  One in each cheek for proper dispersement.   If this pregnancy has taught me anything- it's that pregnancy is not glamorous. I've also gotten less embarrassed because I've realized that these OBGYN's have seen it all.

When I found out where the shots were going... 

So now I have three more blood checks this week- Monday, Wednesday and Friday to see if my number is going down.  Cross your fingers that it does so I don't need anymore "bum shots!"  

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  1. KC you really are so tough! You are a brave lady,and someday soon a brave mama! Hugs to you!

    (Katelyn's sister)