Friday, December 13, 2013

We're having a baby!

It's true!  Sometimes Shane and I just look at each other and smile because we can't believe this is actually, finally happening!  We feel so many emotions of lucky, grateful, blessed, nervous, hopeful and everything else!  We are just so so happy!  After my miscarriage this summer I had been taking some time to re-coupe and get myself mentally ready to try again.  My miscarriage was difficult, painful and long.  I thought I would never stop bleeding!  Then finally, it stopped and I called my fertility doc.  He said he wanted to take a month and not be so aggressive but let's just try climid one more time just to ease my body back into the swing of things.  He did mention that he has seen some women miraculously be able to conceive easily after getting pregnant just once (even if it didn't result in a live birth).  I was bummed to take climid again because I've taken it so many times and IT DIDN"T WORK.  Nothing ever happened, it just made me moody.  I agreed to try it one last time, even though we were just doing it to give my body one last month of rest before all the hormone shots, ultra sounds and blood work.    

My doctor also recommended that I try using ovulation predictor kits.  I had never used them before because we knew that I didn't ovulate, and if I did, I went and got an ultra sound to show it.  They weren't super expensive so I went ahead and tried it.  This entire time I wasn't hopeful that anything would happen.  I didn't have a glimmer of hope in my mind because I had tried this route so many times and failed.  Well, one morning I got a positive on my ovulation kit.  I thought it was a fluke, but was excited anyways.  My fertility doctor gave Shane and I a schedule of times to "baby make" so we followed it.  We really didn't let ourselves get excited, but we did everything the doc said.  The nurse also told me when to take a pregnancy test.  The day before I was supposed to take my test I woke up at 5 am to use the rest room and thought- eh, mine as well take one since I'm up!  I put it on the counter after I took it and went back to bed.  I realized after I climbed in bed that I never checked it.  I debated if I should get up again and look and be disappointed, or just leave it to be discovered in the morning.  I decided to go check it, then if it was negative I could throw it away and Shane would never know.  WELL, I went back to look and there were 2 lines!  I freaked!  I jumped on Shane (who was still sleeping) and yelled "I'm pregnant!  It's positive!"  We were both so excited!  And now, here we are!  Today I'm 14 1/2 weeks, and to be honest... I've been pretty miserable.
I've never wanted to complain about pregnancy because it took me so long to get here, and I've met so many other people that are still trying.  I've been super tired and nauseous.  And I don't know where these boobs came from, but they're defiantly not mine.  I'm actually grateful for the pain and throwing up because it reminds me every day that there is a miracle growing inside me.  Yes, i'm miserable, but I'm going to be a mom, and I'll take that any day.

Right now I'm on bed rest for a little hemorrhage.  It's pretty common for it to happen and bed rest usually corrects itself.  It happens when the placenta pulls away from the uterine lining.  I had some light spotting for a couple of days and the ultra sound showed a little hemorrhage.  I was scared, but I saw the baby doing stretches, flips and sucking it's thumb- it was amazing.  I know this will heal right up and hopefully in a week I can be back on my feet!
Merry Christmas!


  1. AHHH! I love it! And you make me laugh!! I'm just SO excited for you guys! I hope you heal quickly and the rest of the pregnancy goes well! :)

    1. Thanks lady! I'm hoping this little hemorrhage clears up- bed rest is proving to be not so fun.

  2. Hooray!!! I am over the moon excited for you guys!

  3. I am so happy for you KC (and Shane haha). I think no matter how grateful you are to have a baby, it is still hard to be sick and tired all the time! I was a huge complainer! I hope things get all healed up soon and you are able to be up and about like usual!

  4. Gah! This is wonderful! I just can't stop thinking about you three!

  5. It's been amazing to follow your story and I am so happy for you! We are all celebrating this little miracle with you! :)

  6. what a beautiful christmas present! so happy for you! congrats!!!