Sunday, January 05, 2014

17 Weeks!

How far along: 17 weeks

Size of baby:  A sweet potato 

Total weight gain/loss:  1 pound!

Maternity clothes:  Yes.  These stretchy pants are the greatest.... jeans have never been this comfortable.

Stretch marks:  Nope, but I'm just starting to show.  I lather coconut oil all over every day, hope it helps... but i've heard it's all genetic.

Sleep:  It used to be horrible, BUT Shane got me a pregnancy pillow- heaven on earth!

Best moment(s) last week:  starting to feel baby flutters!

Movement:  The past couple of days it feels like there is a butterfly in my stomach.  So, I say I'm feeling flutters, but who knows.

Food cravings:  Yuck, food.  My sickness has gotten better, although red meat still makes me dry heave, even if I see it on a commercial. 

Gender:  We find out January 10th!  Every day I feel like the baby is something different.  I can't wait to stop calling the baby "it"

Belly button - in or out:  In. 

What I miss:  Not feeling sick, being able to move around.  Bed rest is boring, especially since I'm starting to feel better.

What I am looking forward to:  Being done with Bed rest!!!  Who knows when that will happen.

Milestones:  I'm well into the second trimester! YAY!


  1. Love it! ...except that you're still on bed rest. I hope you can be done with that soon, too! Can't wait to see what you're having... so exciting!! :)

  2. Hooray! You are the cutest! I didn't get stretch marks until the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Maybe because that's when the baby dropped? I got Bio Oil from my sister-in-law and it works really well to fade stretch marks.

    1. ooo thanks! I didn't know they could fade- that's good! I'm thinking that's what will happen to me. Those last couple of weeks they'll just come.