Thursday, November 15, 2012

fingers crossed

I hate these pills.  I hate thinking about remembering to take one each morning.  
They're chalk-y and they make me itch.  
I hate how they start to dissolve on my tongue. 
 They taste so bad... as if trying to make the process of this whole ordeal even worse then it is.  
They stare at me.  Sitting on my nightstand, watching me sleep. 
 I fall asleep looking at them and wake up looking at them.  
And, ps... does it seem like EVERYONE is pregnant?  
hey little stupid clomid pill.... hows about you make me pregnant too?


  1. KC! I had no idea. I sure hope those pills make you pregnant too... or at least help you out in the process a bit! ;) My fingers are crossed and I'm praying for you!

  2. I know no words are really ever enough, but my love and prayers are with you. You will be a great mother. :)

  3. That sucks! Best of luck with the Clomid! Just remember that this isn't forever.

  4. I didn't know either KC! Come on pills!!!! :) Love and miss you two!