Saturday, November 17, 2012

the trax

Today we got up and explored downtown SLC!  We decided to take the Trax because finding parking is a nightmare.... and sometimes (all the time) Shane's driving makes me nervous.  It was actually a really good experience!  We got on in Daybreak and rode all the way to downtown.  The mountains were beautiful with all the snow on them; it was quite enjoyable.

We walked around the Salt Lake Public Library.  It was insanely awesome.  How can a public library be this awesome?!  The architecture was amazing and there were about 6 different stories of books.  There were little cafes inside, a salon and little writing rooms.  It made me so happy.  There were a lot of people there just lounging in the comfy chairs reading.  It was kind of calming... since the city is always so fast and busy.

We saw a Starbucks and I immediately had a craving for salted carmel hot chocolate- get on board people.... it's the best.  Shane was also kind enough to wander through city creek with me... he didn't even hover very much!  That boy is learning how to shop!

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